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10 Albums Every Hawkwind Fan Should Own

2 Jun

Hawkwind live at Southampton Brook June 2012

Hawkwind live at Southampton Brook June 2012

With another re-release of their double live album Space Ritual and the announcement of another UK tour starting Easter 2013 now is a good time to reflect on the more than forty year career of Britain’s finest and most famous space rock band. If you have been paying attention, their track Master of the Universe is currently being used in the Ford Despite numerous line-ups and record labels the essence of the band is a no-nonsense attitude towards producing the music they wish to play and the fans turn up in their droves to listen to.

The tour runs for a few dates in Cardiff, Bath, Preston, Rotherham and Norwich with the possibility of other dates later in the year. I hope to see you there!

10. Yule Ritual

Yule Ritual by Hawkwind

We start with a live album this being the Christmas tour album from the end of 2000. As most fans would agree Hawkwind are at their best live and this album is no exception. Recorded at the London Astoria on December 29th, this concert is of particular note as Michael Moorcock was dialed in from Texas live to perform on Warrior at the Edge of Time and Sonic Attack. The set list overall is a great mix of classics and the overall line-up included 12 people including Michael. A particularly rare outing for The Damage of Life is just one of many highlights. We were also treated to the Calvert / House classic of High Rise.

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