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Miley Cyrus’ Favorite Diet Linked To Weight Gain: 10 Celebrities Who Have Gone Gluten Free (GALLERY)

30 Oct

Miley Cyrus, Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow beware, your diet could cause you to pile on the pounds.

The increasingly popular gluten-free diet is followed by a whole host of pin thin celebrities but new research shows it could cause more harm than good when it comes to whittling down their waistlines.

While going wheat free is necessary for those suffering from Celiac disease – a serious gluten intolerance – it’s A-list following which also includes Lady Gaga and Zooey Deschanel has caused it to become a fad fat fighter too, but in reality it could be doing just the opposite.

“A gluten free diet is designed for those with the medical diagnosis of gluten sensitivities and reactions. It was not designed to be a weight loss program,” celebrity nutritionalist and registered dietician Lisa DeFazio told Celebuzz. “Do not just follow the diet because Miley and Victoria are doing it!”

Miley, 19, is just one star who has gushed about the wonders of a wheat-less diet after claiming she had a “gluten and lactose allergy”.

“Everyone should try no gluten for a week,” she posted on her Twitter page. “The change in your skin, physical and mental health is amazing.”

Miley shows off her figure in a revealing outfit

8 Photos But DeFazio says people should not just jump on the gluten-free bandwagon for the sake of it, especially since it can cause weight gain.

“Gluten free foods may have other ingredients such as fat that you do not need,” said DeFazio. “It is a strict diet and if you are not gluten sensitive or have Celiac, you are putting yourself through unnecessary restrictions.

“Unfortunately in Hollywood, celebs announce their diet plan and everyone wants to do it, but these celebrities are not medical experts so do not follow their lead without seeing the REAL qualified experts to see if you really need to restrict your diet!”

Click on the Celebuzz gallery to see which celebrities have tried going gluten-free whether by choice or because of dietary requirements.

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