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Robocop: The Evolution Of Paul Verhoeven’s Classic In 7 Trailers

31 Oct


Like it or loathe it the Hollywood reboot machine is alive and well and this time it’s the turn of Robocop. Almost 16 years after the original movie blasted its way on to the big screen the first trailer for Jos Padilha’s brave re imagining was met with the usual chorus of complaints from fans lamenting the decision to resurrect one of the all time great science fiction heroes for a new generation. Starring relative unknown Joel Kinnaman in the role made famous by Peter Weller, Robocop 2014 sees all round good guy and straight laced cop Alex Murphy severely injured in the line of duty and harvested for parts to become Robocop the so-called future of law enforcement.

Whether you’ve taken to the internet to voice your opinion of the new ‘black suited’ Robocop or not you have to admit that no matter how badly the franchise may or may not have been handled yet you only have to look back at the long history of the character on screen to see that with the exception of the first 2 movies this wouldn’t be the first time Hollywood has thrown Robocop to the wolves. In fact the reboot would have to be pretty horrendous to come anywhere close to the appalling efforts of 1993 s second sequel or the live action TV series that pretty much sucked any remaining cool from the series and deposited it in the proverbial toilet.

So with that in mind let’s take a look back over the 16 year history of Robocop and how the character made so famous in Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 classic has fallen so spectacularly from grace. Will the reboot be Robocop’s salvation? We’ll all find out when it hits cinema’s in February of next year.

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10 TV Romances That Made Us Feel Ill

31 Oct

Worf And Troi 2370

Ah, TV love. It can be quite spectacular, thought provoking, and uplifting. OR, not.

You’re watching your favorite show, enjoying the thrills and chills of the story, sometimes thinking to yourself “nah, the writers won’t bring those two together, it’ll be terrible”, and you naively spend your days oblivious to what’s just around the corner. Then suddenly, the coupling. You go crazy, yelling up at the TV gods yelling out “WHY???”, break stuff, eat ice cream to drown your sorrows.

The next phase is denial. – they’ll fix it. It’s just temporary, it’s just to help the story. But they don’t. They just don’t. It just goes on and on, sometimes it’s so bad it turns into a “jump the shark” moment.

It’s at this moment you vow to yourself you will never get so involved and invested in a show again, that it will be different from now on! And then Game Of Thrones premieres. Damn it. Here we go again…

10. Speidi – The Hills

T1larg Speidi

we begin, quite naturally, at the bottom of the barrel. Is this even called a TV couple? I hated both their faces as soon as they came on the screen, watched that first season when everyone cried and there was some story about a tape…. oy. Awful. These two went from boring to scary to simply un-watchable. Why? Why, TV powers that be?

Surprisingly, these two are still together. One of them looks like a weird cartoon character, but I think her insides are still human, so technically the couple is “going strong”. If by going strong you mean, one is controlling the other, and looks like a creepy hobbit.

They were fascinating to watch because you couldn’t believe they were real. Could someone really want to expose their lives in that way for everyone to see? How could she stay with him through all the sh*t he put her through? Why would a stunning, sweet girl get plastic surgery to look like a messed up Barbie? Can fame REALLY be happiness? For me, someone who fame has never appealed to, I used to watch this show in awe, perplexed, like Animal Planet. It was a new kind of specie I never saw before – the over exposed, power hungry youths that would do anything for their names in the tabloids. Anything.

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FIFA 14 Updated Cover – Gareth Bale In Real Madrid Shirt Replaces Spurs!

30 Oct

Fifa 14 Cover

The publishers of FIFA 14, Electronic Arts, have updated the box art of the upcoming football simulation title to feature Gareth Bale in a Real Madrid shirt.

The 24-year-old was formerly depicted in the colours of Tottenham Hotspur on the front cover of the game, the club he left for Madrid in a world-transfer record deal earlier this summer.

The change means there are two La Liga stars depicted on FIFA 14 s cover, with Lionel Messi of Barcelona starring alongside the Wales international.

For the first time ever in the long-running FIFA series, there will be no Premier League stars represented on the box art of the popular game.

Fifa 14 Cover Large

The change makes a lot of sense considering the necessity to keep things current, while EA had previously ruled out dropping Bale as their cover star following his switch to the Spanish capital.

Bale joined Madrid for a fee rumoured to have been around the 85 million mark, making him football’s most expensive player.

And though the cover of FIFA 14 has now been updated to feature him in the colours of his new club, fans can still see the former Southampton ace in a Spurs shirt in the official demo, which launched on PS3 consoles today.

fifa 14 is set for release in America on September 24th and in Europe on the 27th, and will launch on old and current gen consoles PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One.

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The Doctor Who Figurine Collection – Issue 1 Review

30 Oct

Doctor Who Review 1

Eaglemoss is back with a new figurine collection. After the success of The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection they are now hitting us up with a whole series dedicated to Doctor Who. At the moment we can expect to find 80 classic and contemporary Doctors’/Allies/Companions and Villains found throughout the 50 years of the shows history.

Each figurine is detailed, scaled at 1:21 and made out of a hand-painted metallic resin. The magazine explains how the character has evolved and gets an inside look behind classic moments. Within is the moment the figurine is set upon, a look back at 50 years of Doctor Who starting from the very beginning and an in-depth profile of essential elements of the Doctor Who universe (or for the nerdy among us, Whoniverse).

Part one is in the form of the eleventh Doctor Matt Smith.

The Figurine

Doctor Who Figure1

The first figurine in this collection is based on Matt Smith’s take on The Doctor in the episode ‘The Pandorica Opens’. The stance is based on the scene where The Doctor is standing on the central monument in the middle of Stone Henge giving an award winning speech to many of his enemies orbiting above him.

First of all the detailing on the clothing is superb. His jacket, shirt, trousers, braces and of course his bow tie are perfectly represented. Particularly the buttons on his shirt and the buckles for the braces are so excellently executed, considering they are really a minute detail. The hair has the typical Matt Smith flop and although some of the flesh coloured paint has slightly overlapped into it, it’s still a great representation.

Unfortunately the face isn’t the best. Although you of course recognise the character right away, on close inspection the face doesn’t match up to Matt/The Doctor himself. Of course I understand that capturing the face on a figurine this size can’t be easy. And obviously with each figurine you may get a better or worse take on the character with each one being hand-painted.

All in all for the first edition of this collection, The Eleventh Doctor is a solid effort. I’d give this figurine 3.5/5

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Tamar Braxton: Why Working Moms Shouldn’t Feel Guilty

28 Oct

At five weeks old, Logan Vincent Herbert is making it clear that he is Daddy’s little boy.

During a press tour for her new talk show The Real, Tamar Braxton gave PEOPLE a sneak into the life of her newborn.

“The baby is just like my husband [Vince Herbert],” the songstress, 36, tells PEOPLE. “Vincent is really reserved and laid back and quiet and likes to keep to himself. Logan is just like that.”

She adds, “If you touch him, he will make a noise, like, ‘Don’t touch me, get off me.'”

Tamar Braxton The Real

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The reality star announced the birth of her son via Twitter, posting a photo of a large blue teddy bear and an “It’s a boy!” balloon.

The working mom is thrilled about her new gig and says nurturing her career keeps her content.

“Working makes me happy,” Braxton says. “So I have to do this so I can come home and be a happy mother for my child because they pick up on that.”

The Real, also featuring Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housley, premiered Monday and is currently airing on FOX in Los Angeles, New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Houston and Tampa.

– Raha Lewis

Josh Duhamel: Why Nobody Knows Our Baby’s Name

28 Oct

Josh Duhamel Diet Pepsi Baby Name

Stewart Cook/Startraks

Josh Duhamel is no stranger to the spotlight, but the ability to blend back in with the crowds still isn’t completely out of the question for the actor.

During a Diet Pepsi event on Friday, Duhamel put it all to the test as he manned the cash register, surprising customers who recognized his famous face.

“It’s an opportunity to really mess with people. There was a lot of people who didn’t [recognize me], but there was enough that did,” Duhamel, 40, told PEOPLE at the I Got a Diet Pepsi And… campaign in Los Angeles.

“I think sometimes the ones who don’t are the best ones. They don’t have a clue and you just strike up conversation and they may recognize you, but they don’t say anything.”

He continues, “This brand is a lot of fun – they found me to be the guy to be in here and screw with people and just have fun.”

Aside from his Diet Pepsi partnership, Duhamel has been busy with his acting and will soon wrap work on his upcoming film Strings, which he spent a week filming in Canada.

The short work schedule was “ideal” for Duhamel, who prefers to keep things close to home and his wife Fergie, who’s due in late August/early September with the couple’s first child.

“I really don’t want to be away from her right now. I definitely don’t want to be gone when the baby’s here,” he says. “But I feel very, very blessed to have a wife that’s going through this pregnancy so beautifully.”

As the future father gears up for daddy duty, he’s happily embraced the sweeter side of pregnancy – the cravings! – as Fergie attempts to maintain a balanced diet. “She’s really been good. I think that’s why she feels so good. She’s been eating really healthy,” he shares.

“She does [give into cravings] a little bit of course – she always has and she always will – but she stayed very disciplined because it’s all about what goes into her body goes into the baby.”

Duhamel is doing his part to stay physically fit, but the actor jokes that he’s given up on trying to achieve a brawny build. “I’m sort of in shape. I do exercise. I do work out, but I’m not like The Rock,” he says. “I try to stay healthy, I try to stay athletic and flexible, but I gave up trying to get big muscles years ago because it just didn’t happen.”

The proud parents-to-be just revealed that they’re having a boy, but they’re maintaining a code of silence when it comes to their name choice. According to Duhamel, even Fergie’s extended family do not know the moniker – and will not until baby’s big arrival.

“Some people may not like it, some people may think it’s really cool, but we don’t really care – that’s why we’re not telling anybody,” he explains. “We’re not even telling [Fergie’s] mom because we don’t want to hear anything about it. That way you don’t feel like you’re second-guessing yourself. It’s between us – it’s a sacred thing.”

One thing’s for sure: the little one’s name plays to both Duhamel and Fergie’s senses of style.

“[The name is] kind of traditional, kind of not. My wife is a little rock and roll, so she’s a little bit more daring in that department than I am,” he says. “We decided on a name that we both really love and I think will suit this child.”

– Anya Leon with reporting by Mariah Haas

Queen Elizabeth Hopes the Royal Baby Arrives Before Her Vacation

26 Oct

First it was Camilla hinting that the royal baby will be here by the end of the week. Now, it’s Queen Elizabeth who’s gently nudging mum-to-be Kate, who is expected to give birth any day now.

The 87-year-old monarch was talking to children in Cumbria in northern England, when she was asked if she hopes the royal baby will be a boy or a girl. “I don’t think I mind,” she said, before telling the children, “I would very much like it to arrive. I’m going on holiday. No sign yet.” (The Queen heads to her Balmoral estate in the Scottish highlands at the end of next week.)

But while her family – and the rest of the world, it seems – hang on for baby news, the couple at the heart of what’s been dubbed the #GreatKateWait on Twitter try to remain cool and calm as temperatures rise amid a London heat wave.

Kate is understandably nervous – “tentative,” a source tells PEOPLE – about giving birth.

Royal Baby Queen Elizabeth Kate Middleton Delivers


She and Prince William, who’s taken time off work as a helicopter rescue pilot, are spending these final days at Kate’s parents’ home in Bucklebury, according to a source, as well as at Nottingham Cottage in the Kensington Palace compound in London.

“It’s hot wherever you are – it’s the same if you’re in Bucklebury or London,” the source says.

“It’s not tiny,” the source adds of the couple’s two-bedroom digs in London, and there’s plenty of space to pass the time before the couple head to St. Mary’s hospital in nearby Paddington when the time comes.

Until then, the waiting game continues.

– Simon Perry

Oliver Hudson Welcomes Daughter Rio Laura

26 Oct

Oliver Hudson Welcomes Daughter Rio Laura

Jason LaVeris/Filmmagic

The Hawn-Hudson gang finally got their girl!

Oliver Hudson, 36, and wife Erinn have welcomed their third child, daughter Rio Laura Hudson, proud grandma Goldie Hawn announced via Twitter on Thursday.

“Welcome Rio! Our first baby girl to join our family!” Hawn writes. “Oliver and Erinn thank you for bringing so much JOY to our lives! #happiness”

Her middle name is in honor of Hawn’s late mother, Laura.

The couple are already parents to sons Bodhi Hawn, 3, and Wilder Brooks, 5 .

Although the former Rules of Engagement star never announced the pregnancy, sister Kate – mom to sons Bing, 2, and Ryder, 9 – revealed the happy news during an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman in May.

– Anya Leon

Jenna Dewan-Tatum ‘Melts’ at the Sight of Channing with Everly

24 Oct

Jenna Dewan Talks Baby Everly

Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Acting again after giving birth to Everly on May 31 has its challenges, but Jenna Dewan-Tatum is finding a way to balance the two important parts of her life.

“I was little worried about getting back to work, having my head be in the right place, leaving her at times,” the actress, 32, told PEOPLE at a Television Critics Association event on Friday in Beverly Hills.

“And I still have issues with that, like any new mom [who] goes back to work, but it’s been really a lot easier with the amazing women [who] are part of this cast. They’re helping me a lot.”

The Witches of East End star always has something to look forward to when she gets home.

“She’s smiling and giggling,” Dewan-Tatum says of her daughter. “Everyone says it’s the best, and it is the best! Last week she just started looking at me and recognizing me and smiling, and my whole world melted!”

One of the best parts of the parenting process is having PEOPLE’s reigning Sexiest Man Alive by her side.

“[He’s] been amazing,” the new mom told reporters of hubby Channing Tatum. “He comes and visits me. He’s working at the same time right now, but we prepared for that … It’s a little crazy in my house but it’s good.”

Nothing compares to seeing her loves interact.

“You see the thing you love the most with the other thing you love the most, and there’s just a natural new awakening of the love you guys share together,” Dewan-Tatum says. “Just caring for something that’s so small, and being so gentle and tender makes you just melt.”

As wonderful as motherhood is, the starlet does wish she could nap from time to time.

“I can tell you what I’d want my power to be right now,” she said. “Being a new mom, I would like to be able to sleep. Like this, snap my fingers and sleep, because I’m a little sleep-deprived at the moment!”

Gabrielle Olya

Fab Sale Roundup: GILT Kids, Zulily and More!

24 Oct

GILT Baby & Kids

Courtesy Gilt Groupe

This week, GILT Baby & Kids is hosting a few fab sales worth checking out. You’ll find loads of chic toys, accessories, shoes and clothing from Rockabye (7/29), Je Suis en CP! (7/31), Belly Bandit (8/1), Danzo Diaper Bags (8/1), Mini Starfish (8/1), Phil & Teds (8/2), J.J. Cole (8/2), and more!

Our picks: The Rockabye Downee the Duck Rocker (now $82, originally $140) and the Je Suis en CP! Printed Bib (now $15, originally $30).

Not a member of Gilt? Use our exclusive link to sign up.

Isabella Oliver

Courtesy Isabella Oliver

Isabella Oliver Everyone from Ivanka Trump and Busy Philipps are fans of this chic maternity brand. Now you can stock up on their well-made pieces during their summer sale, with savings up to 50 percent off.


Courtesy Jaxxwear

Jaxxwear Ready to stock up on spring/summer pieces for your tot? Check out the too-cute (and well-made!) selection from this kid’s clothing company. Right now, they’re offering Moms & Babies an exclusive 20 percent off discount. Just enter code: people at checkout.


Courtesy Lalalounger

Lalalounger This unique children’s lounger starts out as a comfy resting place for your infant and then eventually transforms into a cushion for older kids to rest. Talk about functional! Plus it’s available in loads of fun prints. Get 10 percent off any order over $75 when you enter PEOPLELALA at checkout.

Little Skye Boutique

Courtesy Little Skye Boutique

Little Skye Boutique This full service online children’s clothing boutique is hosting their “Summer Savings Event” with up to 20 percent off a vast array of designers including Joah Love, Lemon Loves Lime, Little Wings among others. Now is your time to stock up on the latest summer fashions.


Courtesy Melijoe

Melijoe Love kids designer brands? You’ll find everything Chlo and Scotch & Soda to Petit Bateau and Marc Jacobs at this luxe kids e-boutique. And right now, they’re having a sale (up to 50 percent off!) on some of their covetable goods.

Our pick: This mixed print percale dress by Kenzo Kids (now $44, originally $88).


Courtesy Nameberry

Nameberry We can’t think of a better way to celebrate your little ones than with personalized jewelry. That’s why we’re loving the vintage-style necklaces found at this online boutique.

Right now, they’re offering a 20 percent off discount off all their name necklaces. Just enter code: deserve at checkout.


Courtesy Oilily

Oilily It’s not often we find a kids brand that’s both well-made and adorable. But Oilily nails it with their cutesy, yet wearable clothing.

At up to 40 percent off, you can add a few pieces from their bright and adorable World of Wonder collection without breaking the bank.


Courtesy Patemm

Patemm We’re big fans of their stylish (and handy!) changing mats, so we were happy to hear they’ve launched a new collection for parents including an iPad Soft cover ($40), perfect pouch ($24), pitaka purse ($18) and multi-purpose pouch ($22).

Polka Dot What

Courtesy Polka Dot What

Polka Dot What Cute leggings are a staple of any girl’s wardrobe. And we’re loving this company’s adorable versions especially since you can design them yourself. The cool stripes style (now $24) is available in any color combo you want.

Tea Collection

Courtesy Tea Collection

Tea Collection It’s time to stock up on this brand’s adorable children’s clothing. Not only are they well-made, but they’re perfect for stylish kids on the go.

And right now, they’re hosting their semi-annual sale featuring really great deals (some dresses are below $20!) on everything from polo shirts and swimsuits to kimono-style PJ’s.

Tiny Tags

Courtesy Tiny Tags

Tiny Tags We love this company’s personalized mommy jewelry (we have the 2 Tag Initial Necklace!) – it’s a great way to show love for your little ones. Currently, they’re giving Moms & Babies readers an exclusive discount. When you enter code: TT0513, you’ll receive 10 percent off your order.


Courtesy Zulily

Zulily With over 10 million members, this daily deals site continues to feature the most coveted brands for moms, babies and kids. Not yet a member? It’s free and signing up is fast and easy. Once you’re a member, you’ll be the first to know about the site’s amazing offerings.

Here’s what’s coming up this week: 7/26 – Skechers, Pacific Trail and Nautica Boys, 7/28 – John Deere Boys, 7/29 – Eddie Bauer, U.S. Polo Assn. and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Apparel, 7/30 – Zumba Workout Gear, 7/31 – Corky’s Kids, 8/1 – My Little Pony

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