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We Won’t Get to See ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Until Christmas

2 Apr

Martin Scorsese‘s The Wolf of Wall Street won’t be ready for its scheduled November release and may not even come out until 2014, which would eliminate it as a potential Oscar contender.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Scorsese’s current cut runs at a jaw-dropping three hours. Scorsese is reportedly now working with Paramount to shorten the film, hopefully in time for a Christmas release, which would just barely qualify it for awards season.

Wolf of Wall Street is based on former stockbroker Jordan Belfort‘s memoir, it stars Leonardo DiCaprio and was expected to be a major contender at this season’s awards shows. The trailer looks fantastic! Scorsese has a history of being unable to cut down his films. According to Harvey Weinstein, the original cut of Gangs of New York was three hours and thirty-six minutes.

The major casualty in this story is Jack Ryan: Shadow One, originally scheduled to come out this Christmas. If Wolf of Wall Street is ready for a December release, Jack Ryan will be held until February. Jack Ryan, starring Chris Pine, is intended to restart the successful franchise based on the Tom Clancy character, however, Paramount has yet to release a trailer or even a poster. Now it looks likely that Jack Ryan won’t be out until the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend.

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