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KATE MIDDLETON Shows Off Flat Tummy Three Months After Giving Birth (PHOTOS)

1 Aug

KATE MIDDLETON showed off her flat tummy three months after giving birth during a quick volleyball match on Friday.

SPX 052181

Obviously, Kate Middleton did not have a hard time shedding the weight after welcoming her baby in July, because In just a few short weeks following the birth, the Duchess of Cambridge was already quite slim and appeared to be back to pre-pregnancy figure.

Fast forward to today, less than three months later, and she looks as if she never even had a child.

On Friday, Prince William‘s beautiful wife showed off her amazing post-baby body during a volleyball match for the SportsAid Athlete Workshop at the Copper Box in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

We also caught a glimpse of her ridiculously flat stomach, which briefly came into view as she jumped around on the volleyball court.

Click HERE for the photos.

Tell us your secret, Kate!

Photo By PR Photos

10 Stories to Read While You Wait for the Birth of the Royal Baby

14 May

Can’t get enough of the Royal Baby madness? With Kate Middleton now officially in labor, Celebuzz has rounded up 10 additional stories from around the world to help take your mind off things until that little one is born. Enter the world beyond hyperemesis gravidarum, below.

In Climbing Income Ladder, Location Matters

Using a handy interactive map, the New York Times breaks down the chances for economic upward mobility based on location in the United States.

A Shuffle of Aluminum, but to Banks, Pure Gold

Also from the Times: An investigation by writer David Kocieniewski finds that investment banking and securities firm Goldman Sachs is using loose market regulations to inflate the price of aluminum, costing consumers about $5 billion annually.

McCain Calls for Review of ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws

Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain told CNN’s State of the Union Sunday that states should re-examine the “stand your ground” law, the controversial legislature that helped George Zimmerman get acquitted in the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

E-Book vs. P-Book

The New Yorker predicts it’s not over yet for bookstore chain Barnes and Noble, despite recent financial struggles.

Anarchists of the House

NY Mag highlights a radical movement within Republican members of Congress and the dangerous effects it could have on our nation’s political system.

Should The City of Detroit Get A Federal Bailout?

With Detroit filing for chapter 9 bankruptcy protection, Forbes debates whether the federal government should step in and help.

McDonald’s Warns of Tough Year Ahead

The Associated Press sees a long road ahead for the fast food juggernaut after its second-quarter profits fell short of expectations.

Veteran Journalist Helen Thomas Leaves An Outspoken Legacy

NPR takes a look back at the career of pioneer journalist Helen Thomas, who died Saturday at the age of 92.

‘Big leap’ Towards Curing Blindness in Stem Cell Study

BBC News finds new hope in the long battle against blindness.

Egypt’s Politics Creep Into Beloved Ramadan Soap Operas

The LA Times reports that Egyptian soap operas, once viewed as an escape during the month-long holiday of Ramadan, are now highlighting the country’s growing political turmoil.

6 Stories You May Have Missed

13 May

Farrah Abraham’s Porno Rakes In The Royalties

The Backdoor Teen Mom who sold her sex tape to Vivid Entertainment for $1.5 million is reportedly still bringing home the bacon. Huffington Post has the details on the 22-year old’s ever-growing fortune.

Kate Middleton’s Lavish Baby Digs

The Duchess of Cambridge is keeping tradition alive by giving birth at the same place as her late-mother-in-law Princess Diana. Get the insider on the historic birthplace on Us Weekly.

Is Paula Deen Coming Back To TV?

Rumors are that the ex Food Network star might have found her next big break via Dancing With The Stars. Find out whether the producers and dancers will welcome the southern belle on the program’s next season on Gossip Cop.

Cher Tweets Praise To Kanye West

What did the 36-year-old rapper do to get in the pop icon’s good favor? Get the scoop on the artist’s new-found friendship on Idolator.

Andrew Garfield Reveals New Suit

Here comes your friendly neighborhood crime-fighter! Check out some snaps of Spider-Man’s newest garment in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on TooFab.

A Newcomers Guide To The Royals

Trying to make sense of the royal news of late? Fear not, The Frisky has your guide to all thing related to the British Royal family.

Prince William On His Son: ‘We’re Still Working On A Name’

12 May

A day after giving birth to her son, the Duchess of Cambridge left St. Mary’s Hospital in London alongside Prince William and the heir, bundled in a blanket.

Just like his parents did in 1982, William showed his family off briefly before they left in a car for Kensington Palace.

Earlier, both sets of grandparents popped over to the Lindo wing for a visit. Carole Middleton gushed about her grandson, calling him “absolutely beautiful,” and telling the press that the first cuddle was amazing, according to the BBC‘s Peter Hunt.

The Prince of Wales was equally as delighted about his son’s new child, hinting to the press that all three would be out soon enough.

“Wait and see, you’ll see in a minute,” Prince Charles told reporters when he left.

Hospital staff joined the crowds behind barricades before William and Catherine came out to answer a few questions. Catherine was visibly moved by the outpouring of excitement. Her Royal Highness appeared to fight back tears as people cheered on her new family.

William told members of the press that he and his wife were “still working on a name,” while he held his son.

“He’s got her looks,” William said endearingly, and noted that he had “a good pair of lungs on him, that’s for sure.”

“I’ll remind him of his tardiness when he gets older,” William joked, acknowledging that Baby Cambridge was a wee bit overdue.

Afterwards, Will snapped his son in the carseat then hopped in the driver’s seat of a Range Rover en route to Kensington Palace.

What Kate Wore and HELLO! Magazine noted that Catherine wore a light blue dress by Jenny Packham with La Pierre Imperia wedges.

Image via BBC

‘The Duchess Diary:’ Royal Baby Names And The Pride Of Great Britain

29 Apr

We are besides ourselves – beside ourselves, I tell you – waiting for Baby Cambridge to pop into the world.

Meanwhile, Andy Murray made Great Britain burst with pride (a hard feat, getting the Brits to show emotion) by winning his first Wimbledon title, and “Union Jack Man” Terry Hutt grabbed a prime seat outside St. Mary’s Hospital this week.

What say you on royal baby names, friends? I’m thinking Alexandra for a girl, and George for a boy.

It’s a great time to be a complete and utter Anglophile.

‘The Duchess Diary’ Wraps Up A Week Of Royal Happenings

19 Dec

While Catherine and Prince George are tucked away at Bucklebury Manor, the Duke of Cambridge attended the Anglesey Show in Wales. There, he thanked everyone for being so welcoming, and bid farewell to the place he and Catherine called home for the past three years.

What else have we to say about the royals this week? Watch the video and see for yourself.

The Evolution Of Kate Middleton’s Bouncy Hair

8 Nov

When the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out of St. Mary’s Lindo Wing on July 23rd, all eyes went immediately her to famous locks. How does a woman who gave birth but 24 hours ago emerge looking like this?

Even before the greatest hospital exit of 2013, the Duchess was the object of envy for women the world over. Famous for her “Chelsea Blow Dry,” and fallout-proof curls, Catherine’s hair looked fabulous even before she became HRH, The Duchess of Cambridge.

Get the scoop on Catherine’s ombre hair

In the past, Catherine frequented the Richard Ward salon in Chelsea, but she was spotted recently at Mayfair’s Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa. The Duchess also gets home blowouts by stylist Amanda Cook Tucker, who accompanied Catherine on her Southeast Asia trip in September.

Flip through our gallery of 15 photos displaying the wonder that is Catherine’s hair.

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