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The Simpsons: 5 Characters We Want To See Killed Off

31 Dec


Back in October, the Simpsons creators announced they would be killing off one of the show’s beloved characters in the upcoming 25th season of the long-running animation.

Taking into account the sheer number of residents found in Springfield, guessing who might be the one to bite the bullet would have been a fool’s errand, that was, until executive producer Al Jean teased the death in an interview with The Sun.

Jean remarked:

“I’ll give you a clue that the actor playing the character won an Emmy for playing that character, but I won’t say who it is.”

That might narrow things down a little bit, but it still doesn’t tell us much, particularly when you remember nearly all of the Simpson’s voice cast, such as Nancy Cartwright, Dan Castellaneta, Hank Azaria and Yeardley Smith have taken home Emmy’s in the past.

What it does tell us however is that the lives of Homer, Grampa, Krusty, Barney, and many other popular characters are in serious jeopardy.

Already, a series of bookmakers have started placing odds on who might snuff it in season 25, while fans everywhere are scratching their heads trying to guess who the unlucky Springfieldian could be.

And, with one of Springfield’s most famous of denizens set to shuffle off the proverbial mortal coil, we take a look at 5 Characters We Want To See Killed Off.

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Football Manager 2014: 6 Opening Impressions That Prove It’s The Best Yet

31 Dec

Football Manager 2014

Football Manager 14 has been officially released, and the creators have promised an even more in-depth managerial experience with a number of improvements from last-year’s best-settler.

While the 2013 game was a great success, many felt there could be a considerable amount of improvements made to better the realism for its many users – constructive criticism the creators have taken on board when looking at the new improvements.

Sports Interactive are the team behind Football Manager, and they have been working tirelessly to adapt an already successful and enjoyable managerial simulation to make it continually challenging and more alike to how management really is in football.

So what have they changed on the new game? And why is it the best FM yet? Here’s why….

6. Revamp Of The Tactics

Fm 210

The biggest change on FM14 has been the tactics and formations screen. While the previous game used slider bars to determine the distance a player would keep the majority of his passes to, or how high up the pitch the defence will position themselves, or even how much creative freedom a player would be allowed, FM14 has now adapted the tactics to feature the in-game touchline shouts you could use on FM13 during a match.

Options such as ‘close down more’ and ‘fewer riskier passes’ are just some of the many choices you have for each players, and it’s these options which decide how the player will approach the game for the 90 minutes. A clever add-on is that FM won’t let you choose options which contradict each other. For example, if you choose ‘get further forward’, you won’t be able to select ‘hold position’ etc.

The same rules also apply to the team instructions, where purists of the game can now select ‘retain possession’, ‘play out of defence’, and ‘work ball into the box’, but that means choices such as ‘go route one’ and ‘more direct passing’ aren’t available to be selected.

While many have complained it makes the tactics less intricate and too vague, it certainly adds to the realism – as a manager will be giving the exact same instructions in real life to a player. There are no sliders on a manager’s chalkboard. He tells his players exactly what he wants from them and can only be so specific with words.

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30 Dec

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Jason Gann Welcomes Son Xano William

30 Dec

Jason Gann Welcomes Son Xano William

Brian Dowling/PictureGroup

Puppy love’s got nothing on parenthood!

Wilfred star Jason Gann and his wife Alejandra Varela welcomed their first child on Tuesday, Aug. 13, his rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Son Xano William Varela Gann weighed in at 7 lbs., 2 oz. and measured 20.4 inches long when he arrived in Los Angeles.

“Alejandra and I are so in love with our little man,” Gann tells PEOPLE in a statement.

In addition to portraying Elijah Wood‘s furry friend, Gann also created and produces the hit FX show, which is currently in its third season.

The actor and Varela were married on Feb. 4 in Las Vegas.

– Anya Leon with reporting by Monica Rizzo


29 Dec

Celebrity gossip websites are currently buzzing about the fact that JULIA ROBERTS might be pregnant again.

IHA 019758

Is this mother of three about to become a mother of four?

Roberts, who gave birth to her youngest child Henry Daniel in 2007, has just stirred up some baby rumors after she was photographed sporting a sizable stomach bump while out and about in L.A. this week.

Of course it could just be the product of a bit of weight gain… but the thing is, apart from Julia‘s belly area, the rest of her seems to be as svelte as ever.

And that can only mean one thing.

See the pics HERE and judge for yourself.

Photo By PR Photos


29 Dec

HARRY STYLES reportedly took rumored girlfriend KENDALL JENNER to a gay bar in NYC, according to recent Hollywood news.


MTO 005567

The rumored new couple is apparently not quite ready to open up about the nature of their relationship… but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been leaving us plenty of clues.

After an intimate dinner date last month and a suspicious hotel outing over the weekend, Harry and Kendall again enjoyed a night out on the town together at the most unlikely place for a date we’ve ever heard of.

If you’re straight, at least, which we all know they both are.

Accompanied by some of their friends, Harry and Kendall were spotted partying at Therapy, a popular gay bar in Manhattan, on Saturday following their hotel excursion.

Us Weekly reports:

“The same day that the One Direction singer, 19, and model/reality star, 18, were spotting leaving the Ganservoort Hotel in the Meatpacking District together, the pair resurfaced at Therapy with a few other pals, and “didn’t make a huge deal about it”… Saturday’s theme at Therapy was “Gays Gone Wild,” with other bargoers dancing up a storm to pop hits. Alas, Styles, Jenner et al, however, didn’t hit the dance floor.”

And hanging out at a gay bar is actually not a random choice for the two, because believe it or not, Styles is a regular.

A source tells the mag:

Harry has actually been her a few times before… He’s just a regular customer when he comes in.”

The pair were reportedly holding hands when they left the bar.

Photo By PR Phoots

Celebrity Fashion: NINA DOBREV’s Elie Saab Gown At The Trevor Project’s “TrevorLIVE LA” Event… Yay Or Nay?

28 Dec

NINA DOBREV opted for an Elie Saab gown at The Trevor Project’s “TrevorLIVE LA” event on Sunday.

Yay or nay?

AES 117296

In spite of how gorgeous and chic we think Nina Dobrev always is, we have to vote on the “nay” side for this one.

The brunette beauty, who is normally stunning on the red carpet, was just okay at Sunday’s “TrevorLIVE LA” event (honoring Jane Lynch and Toyota) in a blue, sleeveless gown by Elie Saab, which featured a modest thigh-high slit and a lace button-down bodice with nude panels and tiny ruffles along the sides.

Nude heels, a metallic silver Rauwolf clutch, and some understated jewelry accessorized the outfit.

For hair and makeup, Nina went with an elegant updo and an old rose lip color.

AES 117286

Sadly, this entire outfit made Nina look much older (and heavier!) than she really is.

What do you think?

AES 117294 75x75

AES 117296 75x75

AES 117286 75x75

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28 Dec

KATE WINSET and NED ROCKNROLL finally welcomed their baby boy over the weekend, the latest Hollywood news has just learned.

How wonderful!

SPX 047281

Almost a year since her secret wedding to Ned Rocknroll, Kate Winslet welcomed their first child together on Saturday at an NHS Hospital in Sussex County, UK.

Yes, her two kids from previous relationships-14-year-old Mia Threapleton from Jim Threapleton and 10-year-old Joe Mendes from director Sam Mendes-are now big siblings!

Her rep says in a statement:

“Mother and baby are doing great.”

Kate may “never” take her husband’s last name, but the little tike sure will!

Congratulations to the happy family!

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Man Utd: 5 Huge Mistakes David Moyes Keeps Making

27 Dec

Media Image Ltd

Media Image Ltd

If you’re looking for Manchester United in the Premier League table this morning, you might be alarmed by the fact you have to scroll all the way down to 8th.

That’s how things stand for the defending champions at present, following their worst ever start to a league campaign that has seen them win just three games all season.

Calamitous defeats against Liverpool, Manchester City and West Brom have interspersed with these unconvincing victories – with the Red Devils perhaps fortunate to leave the Stadium of Light with the three points against Sunderland earlier this month – while yet more points were dropped over the weekend against Southampton.

That leaves them eight points adrift of table-toppers Arsenal – For United, and their manager David Moyes, this simply isn’t good enough.

There was always bound to be a transitional period when Moyes succeeded from the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson earlier this year, but even the most pessimistic of United fans wouldn’t have feared it’d be this bad.

The Old Trafford club’s wretched start to the season can be pinned down to a number of reasons – tactical ineptitude from the dugout through to poor performances from the players – but it is Moyes who has to shoulder most of the blame.

Here, we take a look at 5 Huge Mistakes David Moyes Keeps Making.

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15 Ways In Which Pixar Teaches You Everything About Life

27 Dec

Up Movie1

Pixar movies have the enviably rare ability to tug the chords of viewers’ hearts and wrung emotions out of them like water from soaked clothes. These films, through their words, can make you smile, laugh, cry, cringe and even jump to punch the empty air with an embarrassingly loud hoot. But more importantly, they teach us more about life than schooling, college or any other ‘intellectual’ form of education can ever do.

Thus, as a nostalgic homage to those golden words, this list lists (since that’s what lists do) all the things Pixar has taught the world about life.

15. The Worst Epiphany Ever – Carl Fredricksen


‘This is crazy. I finally meet my childhood hero and he’s trying to kill us. What a joke.’ – Carl Fredricksen, Up.

What it teaches: This single line summarizes the disappointed all of us face when our occasionally juvenile childhood dreams are sucker-punched by Age. The sardonic last phrase shows how bitter that disappointment can be, while affirming, that we all have to swallow such bitter pills.

14. How To Make Friends Happy – Mike Wazowski

Sully Og Mike I Monsterbedriften

‘Roz, my tender, oozing blossom, you’re looking fabulous today. Is that a new haircut? Tell me it’s a new haircut. It’s got to be a new haircut. New makeup? You had a lift? You had a tuck? You had something? Something has been inserted in you that makes you look… Listen, I need a favour.’ – Mike Wazowski, Monster’s Inc.

What it teaches: Sly though as it might be, Pixar values the importance of having to suck up to people to pass a favor or two. A compliment here, a false statement of appreciation there and the world becomes a lot smoother to deal with. Pixar doesn’t underrate the significance of flattery – which is probably the second most ubiquitous f-word in the world. But in the end it shows that as long as friends are concerned, that is entirely superfluous.

13. Love is Often The Simplest of Things – Dug

3 Up Pixar

‘Hi, there! My name is Dug. I have just met you, and I love you.’ – Dug, Up.

What it teaches: The beatific simplicity of love! You don’t need to know a person, judge him by his color or see if he enjoys the same films as you do to love him. It can be as simple as this – greet, meet, love.

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