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Batman vs Superman: 10 Casting Choices They Must Make

21 Jun

Bryan Cranston

We were all blown away last week when it was announced that Ben Affleck will be putting on the cape and cowl to play Batman in Zack Snyder’s hugely-anticipated Batman vs. Superman.

Though it’s unlikely that any upcoming announcement could top that for the sheer WTF factor, there’s a lot of casting left to take place, presuming that no actors from Christopher Nolan’s Batman films will be joining Affleck in the Batman portion of the movie (as this would just confuse general audiences).

Recasting iconic characters who have been made as memorably their own as Michael Caine’s Alfred and so on certainly won’t be easy, and if Snyder and co. screw it up, they’ll be losing half the battle before they even think about what Supes is going to get up to in the movie, as well as the villains the pair might be facing (assuming that Bats and Supes will end up teaming up). Here are 10 casting choices that they absolutely must make…

10. Jesse Eisenberg Is Jimmy Olsen

Jesse Eisenberg

There was a lot of speculation prior to Man of Steel’s release that the young woman (played by actress Rebecca Buller) seen running away from a falling building with Perry White was, in fact, going to be a rebooted version of the Jimmy Olsen character, a female equivalent called Jenny Olsen.

Though the film itself only slyly refers to her first name, the theory about a female Jimmy was mostly debunked due to a visible nametag in a pre-release image, revealing her name to be Jurwich.

So, that leaves a spot vacant for Jimmy to show up in Batman vs. Superman, and really, is there anyone better-suited for the role than the Master of Awkwardness himself, Jesse Eisenberg? All Eisenberg would have to do is essentially reprise a less-assured version of his Mark Zuckerberg role – make him more jittery and nervous – and you’ve pretty much got solid gold.

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5 Reasons Casting Ben Affleck As Batman Isn’t Really Armageddon

21 Jun

Ben Affleck

The surprising news of Ben Affleck being cast as the new Batman in the sequel to this summer’s Man of Steel has nearly broken the Internet. While some have responded with acclaim and praise on the casting call, others have derided the decision, flooding message boards with negative comments, signing White House petitions for removal, and even going so far as to make death threats.

While these contemptuous reactions can be most accurately described as hyperbole, lets all take a deep breathe and calm ourselves. It’s not like there is an impending ‘Armageddon’ as an asteroid barrels towards Earth and we have no more than a rag-tag oil rig crew to save all of humanity. Nor are we any longer confronting the ‘Sum Of All Fears’ facing down a nuclear apocalypse relying only on a rogue CIA analyst to save all of humanity. We aren’t even faced with the deadliest weapon of mass destruction of all anymore, as ‘Bennifer’ has been long defunct and their aborted love-child Gigli remains the only scant memory of their relationship as the breakup may have not only saved all of humanity, in addition to Affleck’s then-stalled acting career as well.

Ben Affleck’s Oscar-winning resurgence in Hollywood has recast him from former big-time flop-artist to sure-fire hit-maker, turning out and starring in successes like The Town and Argo. While these fantastic turns have swayed Academy members and critics alike, online comic book fans appear to be polarized on the choice of Affleck.

Love him or hate him, he is due respect and here are five reasons why casting Ben Affleck as Batman isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it might be the ingredient needed to spark the “Big Bang” of the DC Cinematic Universe to truly get off the ground and flourish.

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5 Actors Who Could Play Robin In Batman Vs. Superman Movie

17 Nov


With so much speculation surrounding just exactly what will be included in the new Batman Vs. Superman movie, isn’t it about time, too, that we got a decent interpretation of the Boy Wonder? Since Burt Ward’s spectacularly camp take on the character in the ’60s TV show, and Chris O’Donnell’s just all-out wrong version in the ’90s Joel Schumacher films, the closest we have had so far is a mere tease at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s city cop John Blake.

After the character’s creation in 1940, only a handful of live-action films have featured Robin. Though many fans of the DC universe hold hostile views towards the character, there is a large following for not just Robin but the whole Bat-Family in general. However, in the distaste that many fans hold for the Boy Wonder, they miss out on a lot of what he offers.

With countless characters taking up the mantle, it would also be good to finally see a Robin who isn’t Dick Grayson. Matt Damon has already publicly stated he won’t play Robin (duh!), so let’s see who else could work cloaked in all that red and black.

Here are 5 actors who I believe would be capable of donning the mask and giving us a Robin we deserve…

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Superman Vs Batman Movie: One Way To Make Batman Interesting

8 Sep


Superman vs Batman is two years away, and there is a massive split in the audience. On one side you have the people who are already counting down the days until the film comes out, and on the other you have the people who completely hated Man Of Steel and are not interested in Superman vs Batman as long as Zack Snyder is involved. Personally, I can’t wait for this film. I really enjoyed Man Of Steel and I was so excited when they confirmed Superman vs Batman, but there is one element which could either make or break the movie. The re-introduction of Batman.

There are a couple of ways the go about this. One road which they could take is casting Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the Caped Crusader and continue the story from The Dark Knight Trilogy. This is probably the most unlikely option that they will choose because Christopher Nolan worked very hard when writing The Dark Knight films to make them as realistic as possible, and adding a Kryptonian in the mix sort of puts all that hard work to waste. Christopher Nolan is involved with the Man Of Steel sequel, so he will probably be standing in between Zack Snyder and the phone, if Zack decides to call Joseph Gordon-Levitt. On the other hand though, if Christopher Nolan is involved he will probably be able insert Batman into the story very well. Hopefully they won’t choose this option because I feel like The Dark Knight Trilogy story should remain untouched.

Of course what they could is get a new young actor and reboot the whole story once again. If they choose this option, I expect them to not show Batman’s origin story in this film and trust that the audience has learned that Bruce Wayne is a billionaire and when he is young he saw his parents murdered before his eyes blah blah blah, to be honest we really don’t need another Batman origin story. This option is more possible and it will probably be better received by fans rather than continuing Nolan’s story. If they do choose to show his origin story, then they would have to do it with much less screen time than they would if they made a solo Batman movie and the end product would probably be a rushed origin. If you gave the story lot’s of screen time, then you would have a Superman sequel with more Batman than Superman. That doesn’t sound like a good idea.

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