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10 Comic Book Items It’d Be Awesome To See In Live Action Movies

29 Jan

Ultimate Nullifier

Comic books are full of weird, wonderful and incredibly powerful items. We’ve seen a few of them adapted in to live action movies already; Mjolnir, Green Lantern rings, two of the Infinity Gems, Captain America’s shield, the Mask, the Spear of Destiny and Cerebro to name but a few. But that leaves an abundance of even more exotic items unexplored in the live action movie universe and so many still to choose from therefore.

Consequently, I’ve been thinking which other items from comic book lore it would be fantastic to see created for the big screen in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Whether it be for the item’s versatility, its potential visual beauty on screen or simply because it’s something so different to anything we’ve seen before, I’ve picked a few that would be very welcome in a live action movie.

Here are ten comic book items that we would love to see in a live action movie…

Honourable Mention: Infinity Gauntlet


So far we’ve caught a very brief glimpse of the gauntlet itself and we’ve seen two of the gems/stones in action independently (the Tesseract and the Aether), but we are yet to see all six gems/stones attached to the gauntlet and being wielded by one individual at the same time.

That, of course, will come much later in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will likely occur when Thanos manages to collect all six of the items of power.

But the fact that we’ve caught a glimpse of the gauntlet itself and seen two of the gems/stones doing their thing in great detail means that this doesn’t make the full list.

Moving on…

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