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10 Cult Gaming Classics That Deserved Mainstream Success

24 Aug

spec ops the line ending

Like most mediums, videogames can often hinge on the success of critical reception or the current outlook on market saturation. If there are already three tried and true platformer series on the market it is just common sense that newer ideas will struggle to make an impact. Sometimes you also have to just cope with the reality that certain great games just do not appeal to certain demographics.

Every video game released is just another drop in the ocean unless an impossible scenario comes along where everyone can afford every video game released on some unlimited disposable budget. Until that fantasy scenario, just as in every medium, projects will get overlooked that sometimes are honestly hidden gems. These games often grow a cultish fanbase to spread the word but in reality, their time for mainstream success has flown by.

This list will discuss 10 of the games that I feel deserved mainstream success but never found it due to varying circumstances.

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